Saiba como atrair boas energias para sua vida através das cores

Every new cycle that begins brings with it the desire for happiness, success, health, good achievements… and that’s exactly what we hope for in 2019 !

To start the year off on the right foot, how about counting on the help of colors to harmonize the environments of your home or office and attract all that positivity to your life? According to Feng Shui – a Chinese technique that seeks to analyze the flow of energies to bring harmony to the environment – ​​colors arouse emotions and help us attract the energy we wish to have around us to each environment.

So, know the meaning of some colors and make your choice!

Yellow: Stimulates intellect and communication. It is also a good option to whet your appetite. Too much can cause anxiety.

Blue: conveys calm and tranquility, creating a feeling of peace and confidence. In excess, it can cause too much sleep.

Beige : conveys security, stability, serenity, a feeling of coziness and stability. Calms and stimulates ideas.

White: symbolizes trust and purity. Because it is a neutral color, it can be used in any room in the house, but in excess, it can bring a feeling of coldness, hostility and emptiness.

Gray: Currently, it is seen as a modern and elegant color. It symbolizes balance and conflict resolution.

Orange: Stimulates the senses, creativity and communication. Good for living room, dining room and kitchens. In excess, it can cause agitation and increased appetite.

Pink: stimulates love, tenderness and romance. Its energy is soothing and gentle, associated with love and happiness.

Salmon: Stimulates a sense of abundance and encourages conversation.

Green: Calms the nervous system and agitated people. It is a healing color, good for welcoming sick people. Therefore, it is also a great option for bathrooms, to improve the energy of this place.

Red: I encourage success, self-esteem, prosperity and affective relationships. It should be used in small doses, as it is a very stimulating color. Its excess can cause disagreements and mood explosions.

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