Confira 7 dicas para pintar as paredes da casa sem erros

Want to change the look of the house and don’t know how? How about changing the color of the walls? If you are willing and want to save money, you can be the painter yourself. In order not to go wrong, check out seven tips mentioned by interior designer Fábio Galeazzo in his book Small Changes, Great Transformations – Creative Solutions for Decorating Your Home and Spending Little (Editora Alaúde, 64 p., R$ 9.90):

1 – The list of materials includes sandpaper n° 150, plastic canvas, masking tape, paint roller, paint bucket, paint, plaster, plaster, mixer , brush and spatula;

2 – To know the amount of paint needed, it is necessary to calculate the size of the area to be painted. Measure the wall and multiply by the ceiling height (floor to ceiling height). Then multiply that footage by the number of coats (usually two to three). The result of the equation determines the total footage. Some paint cans indicate the area that amount covers. Sellers can also help calculate from the yardage to be painted; camtasia studio crack

3 – The color of the paint on the wall may be different from that shown in the catalogue. Before buying a can, the tip is to buy ¼ of a gallon and test it in a small area;

4 – Cover the floor with canvas, remove the mirrors from the switches, cover the furniture and protect the doorknobs, baseboards and stops with masking tape. Pass the mass over the masking tape to prevent the paint from penetrating and use a spatula to remove the excess.

5 – Cover the superficial holes in the wall with putty, using a spatula, and cover the deeper holes with plaster. Let it dry for 20 minutes and use sandpaper n° 150;

6 – Stir the paint with a brush and carefully paint a horizontal strip close to the ceiling. With a roller, color the rest of the wall, always following the vertical position. Wait for the paint to dry completely before applying the next layer.

7 – If you want the wall to have colored stripes, trace them with masking tape. Choose a color to be the predominant one and alternate with harmonic tones or white. Start by covering with paint one part yes and another no. Wait for it to dry completely and remove the tape. With a new adhesive strip, gently cover the already painted edge. Color in the remaining spaces. A thin brush gives the finish between the colors.

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