Como escolher as melhores cores de tintas para a sua casa

Far beyond the finish, the painting of the house is a sample of the personality of its residents and a complement to its rooms, being able to vary according to its functionality and determine the style of decoration that each part should receive. First of all, however, it is interesting to start the selection process with a demystification: the colors of the interiors do not depend and do not necessarily need to match the facade of the building .

From this, the first step is to consider the visibility from one space to the other, so that the colors of each one do not conflict with each other. It is also important to keep in mind which surfaces will receive each paint, this interferes with the finish that should be chosen for each area.

In the case of indoor environments, especially, it is advantageous to also observe the lighting, because the shades can appear different according to their variations or darken the place too much if there is a combination of low light and dark colors, for example.

Added to all these factors is the human perception of colors, which means that each room must be combined with the sensations that the shades convey. Therefore, it is worth researching, reading about the subject or having the help of an architect or interior designer, after all, it is important to avoid mistakes that could compromise the usability of spaces.

“The most vibrant and contrasting colors are usually indicated to punctuate a single wall, or some objects, because if used with exaggeration, they can even cause fatigue and irritation”, exemplifies interior designer Luciana Vilanova, from Aracaju.

With so many details to be observed, it is absolutely normal that the choice of colors causes doubts, but attention to these points and some basic tips can help you to have a more cozy, beautiful and functional home.

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